Acrylic Edge Polishing

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Many people’s favourite thing about acrylic is the way you can see through a transparent edge all the way through the entire material.

This dazzling effect requires the edges to be polished in a specific way, for after acrylic is cut, the edge initially has a frosted appearance. This raw edge is not unpleasant, but it can be vastly improved for aesthetic reasons.

Flame-polished acrylic

Our laser-cut acrylic is not irregular and rough like saw-cut acrylic, so doesn’t need to be sanded or scraped. But to polish our already-smooth edges, we apply a strong flame, and this causes the edges to turn crystal-clear.

Curved edge polishing

Many acrylic-polishing methods involve scraping and don’t work on curved acrylic edges, like rounded corners. But our flame polishing looks spectacular when used on curved edges, and the way light refracts over the curves is amazing.

Complex shapes

For complex acrylic shapes, such as those made with our CNC routers, we can polish all edges and sides to create an acrylic object that is stunningly clear and beautiful. This is perfect for brand logos and signage.

How does flame-polishing work?

The frosted appearance of freshly cut acrylic is caused by a slight roughness at the microscopic level. Flame-torching causes these minute scratches to melt into an incredibly smooth, level surface, that would look smooth even under a microscope.

All kinds of acrylic can be polished

Acrylic sheets come in many colours and styles. We have opal acrylic sheets, coloured sheets, mirror, tinted and frosted acrylic sheets. All of them have different but equally stunning polished edges.

We can polish your acrylic edges

Applying the right amount of flame and timing to an acrylic edge is more art than science. But we have the experience in this art form to make your acrylic edges supremely clear. We can polish the edges of your acrylic sheets, even if we didn’t cut them ourselves.

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