CNC Routing

Cut To Plan Plastics

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router is a machine that is programmed to carve complex, fine details, mathematical geometries and even perfect curves with near-perfect precision. It is controlled by a computer, and cuts with a drillbit that can move in three dimensions to cut the plastic into virtually any shape.

For plastic components that need precision or that have unique complex shapes, CNC routing is the perfect solution.

Perfect beauty

CNC routing produces plastic objects that are are measured and shaped to geometric perfection. We program these routers using 3D models, and they transform them directly into a reality.

Curves and rounding

Curves, rounded edges and corners are often a source of imperfection. But CNC routing uses geometry to ensure that curves are symmetrical and to your exact specifications.


CNC routing can carve intricate, faultless patterns into your plastic objects. Patterns can add grip to your objects, or enliven blank surfaces.

Components that fit in place

For plastic gears, latches, lids, plugs, screws and almost all other plastic components, you need to ensure that they fit in place properly. That’s what the mathematical precision of CNC routing can ensure.

Unique and complex shapes

Our CNC routing can turn virtually any design into a physical plastic object. CNC routing is far more versatile than traditional plastic shaping techniques.

The technical specialists

CNC routing is a sophisticated process that requires knowledge of 3D modelling and computer programming. We are adept at this process because it is one of our areas of specialisation.

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