Cut To Plan Plastics

Important pieces, large projects and early-stage decision-making are no strangers to us. We have been in the plastic cutting and shaping industry for 18 years, working with numerous house- and vehicle-owners. Therefore, we are confident that we can give you insight into the best solution for your project.

By best solution, we mean the maximum benefit at minimum cost to you. We help you choose the right plastic of the right thickness, cut to the right sizes, to give you strength and durability, but without wasted expense.

And, we also very experienced in design, so we can add some professional design-sense to your plans, to build on your own ideas, or design from scratch. We bring our full skill-set to every consultation table, so your project won’t miss out on good design, or astute planning.

Saving you money

Consulting can save you considerable expense. By talking to us, the plastic cutting company itself, you will find out the most cost-effective options for your project.

Virtuous and Meticulous

We are thorough and detail-oriented by nature. The minor details and touches can often make a large difference when multiplied by quantity and time.

At your convenience

You can organise your consultation at a convenient time in your schedule. We always regard our customers as our utmost priority, so we will definitely make time for you.

Predictive planning

How are your cut plastics going to be used and by what person or function? Does your table need to be load-bearing? Should your cupboard have mirror faces?.

Brief or comprehensive

Our consultations can be as brief or comprehensive as you feel is beneficial. They can span from the answering of a single question, to a full planning meeting.

Knowing the material

If you have any questions about plastics and plastic cutting, you should definitely consult our experienced industry knowledge with acrylic sheets and rods, polycarbonate sheets, man-made stone and more.

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