Cut To Shape

Cut To Plan Plastics

Many plastic components for your home and vehicles are not simple panels or rods. You may require more complex shapes to be manufactured, and we are adept at this. Using CNC routing, we can fashion plastic into virtually any shape, including those with curved edges, hollow bodies and more.

In shaping acrylic, polycarbonate and PVC plastic, we are highly skilled and very experienced. We can turn virtually any design into a reality.

Choose your shape

We excel at turning your designs into 3D models, which are then inputted into the CNC router which turns it into a reality. You can submit us your business logo, your text and font or any kind of shape and we will make it.

Choose your plastic

We have coloured acrylic, tinted, frosted and opal acrylics, as well as polycarbonate and PVC. For your design, function and budget, we have have plastic options that are well-suited for you.

Decorative edges

Framing a mirror acrylic panel or a brand logo can take the entire design to a new level of aesthetics. Hence why we can shape the edges of your plastic in angled, rounded, bevelled styles and more.


Cut to shape is the service that you need for plastic lettering. Raised plastic lettering makes a statement on any sign, advertisement or company logo. There are various colours and types to choose from, and the font is entirely your choice.

Rounded-corner panels

Rounded corners can be a fantastic touch for your plastic panels. This can add a softer aesthetic, and can enhance safety. After our panels are cut to size, we can then cut the corners to shape.

Panels of any shape

Our cut-to-size panels are not limited to rectangular shapes. We can cut our panels to any shape, using our laser cutting techniques. Some of our most popular projects include decorative angled panels for fencing, or the precise quadrilaterals needed for replacement boat and vehicle windows.

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