Cut To Size

Cut To Plan Plastics

For wall panels, windows, signage, light covers and more, you need plastic that is cut to size. We cut acrylic and polycarbonate sheets, PVC rigid sheets and more.

The truly amazing thing about plastic panels besides durability, are their versatility. You have the option of frosted acrylic, clear, mirror, opal, tinted and solid colour panels. And, we can cut them to any size and shape.

Lazer cut panels

There’s nothing quite like a lazer-cut plastic edge. It’s impeccably smooth, straight and beautiful. Our plastic panels are lazer-cut so that they achieve this level of perfection.


Acrylic tabletops and benchtops are an option with unlimited potential and versatility. A clear or opal-coloured acrylic are popular choices for a strikingly modern look.

Polycarbonate roofing

Polycarbonate roofing can create a patio atmosphere that your guests will rave about. It lets natural sunlight through, but scatters the light to reduce sunburn.

Cut to the size of your wall

For kitchen and bathroom splashback panels, decorative panels and mirror panels, you need them to be custom-sized to your walls. We are the experts at cutting panels to fit seamlessly.

Safety and Security barriers

Acrylic and polycarbonate can be exceptionally strong, durable barriers for safety and security purposes. For fencing off your garden or pool, we can cut to size a cost effective and attractive solution.

Glass replacement

A more durable and safe alternative to glass is clear acrylic or polycarbonate. This is perfect for pool areas, boat windscreens and windows.

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