Design Services

Cut To Plan Plastics

The design of your plastic shaping and cutting requires two elements: design sense and design work. We provide you with our experienced design sense to make your Cut To Size plastic have aesthetics, functionality, cost-efficiency and usability. And, we also do design work, using computer-aided design (CAD) and shop drawing.

We can consult with you throughout the design process so that we will know how to best meet your needs, and maximise the potential of your ideas.

As a plastic cutting and shaping company, we believe that we have the most insight regarding the design of plastic items.

The beauty of plastic

We appreciate the beauty of smooth, gleaming, vibrant plastic. And, through years of experience we know what designs will be attractive when produced. For instance, coloured splashback panels can add a lively touch to your bathroom or kitchen.

Design and redesign

Design is a conversation between you the client and the designer. We will redesign our CAD models and shop drawings in successive iterations until you are satisfied.


CNC routing can carve intricate, faultless patterns into your plastic objects. Patterns can add grip to your objects, or enliven blank surfaces. For instance, our tabletops may be engraved with a tasteful pattern.

Designed with a purpose

Design is not just about appearances. The essence of smooth, efficient functionality is good design. And so much of this comes from understanding plastic—the material that we are working with.

Design can save money

Good design minimises waste; it uses the minimum material to the maximum effect. An effective design stage can save you money when your project is manufactured.

From designs to reality

There is a large gulf between a design on paper, and what it is like when actually produced. It is difficult to predict and plan the reality of a project unless you consult experienced designers like ourselves. We create precisely measured diagrams and models so that you can see what the reality will look like.

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