Laser Cutting

Cut To Plan Plastics

Plastic laser cutting uses an ultra-focussed laser to make extremely fine cuts in a plastic sheet. We program a computer to control the direction that the laser travels, in order to cut geometrically perfect measurements and shapes.

Few things look more crisp and professional than laser cut plastic. Hence why laser cutting is the choice for signage and brand logos.

The precision of laser cutting is also perfect for manufacturing panels of various kinds with perfect-fit sizes.

Custom signage

For custom signs and plaques, laser cutting provides the impeccable standard that you require. Your business logo can be emblazoned on a panel in glossy, vibrant, raised lettering.

Typographic fonts

Our laser cutting equipment can transcribe computer fonts into physical plastic lettering. You can choose Helvetica or Lato font just like you would with a digital or printed design.

Professional design

We are also experienced in the design-side of laser cutting, so we can discuss with you, and apply our expertise to the design of your laser cutting.

Precision panels

Acrylic and polycarbonate panels form the body of many appliance and garden items including light boxes, ceiling panels, BBQs and barriers. All of these panels are attractive and durable.

Repairs and replacements

For boat window replacements, broken pool fences and old ceiling panels, we will make you a brand new replacement. We have many materials including PVC rigid sheets, colour acrylic sheets and much more, so we can replace or even upgrade your existing plastic panels.

The technical side of things

Laser cutting is a technical process that requires computer-modelling and programming skills. Few have a solid grasp on these complex tools, but it is our area of expertise.

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