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Cut To Plan Plastics

Splashback Panels

Splashback panels are a water-proof and attractive solution for your kitchen or bathroom. We cut our acrylic sheets to fit into place seemlessly behind your kitchen and bathroom sinks, to prevent water from penetrating.

The glossy shine of a splashback can add a modern flair to your decor. They can also add a burst of vibrance, for you can select coloured acrylics, tinted, mirror, frosted acrylics and more.

Illuminated Panels

For your brand logo, advertising sign or restaurant menu, the medium that stands out day and night is the illuminated panel. Light shines all the way through clear plastic panels with polished edges, making the entire sign, especially the edges glow strongly. If your logo or text is shaped out of plastic as a component of this sign, then it will have the same eye-catching glow.

We make our illuminated panels from a combination of both clear and coloured plastics. You have a choice in every aspect of the design, especially your logo, text, sizing and font.

Perspex Pool Fencing Panels

Perspex is a form of acrylic that is especially strong and weather-hardy. And, as a plastic it benefits from being far more shatter-safe than glass. These fantastic properties make Perspex a revolutionary material in pool fencing and pool safety.

We manufacture Perspex pool fencing that is custom-fitted to your unique dimensions and preferences. We can even cut your Perspex panels in a way that adds ornamentation, such as angling or rounding the corners.

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